Lately I’m not sure if it’s because I’m almost 37 and a mum of 3 kids or because I’ve been travelling so much, but I’m finding it a bit tricky to keep on top of my Health & Wellbeing. Exercise & healthy living have always been my 2 main mantras in life (with a little bit of fun thrown in)…. however I think that with the loss of my routine, and the fact that I don’t really have a home – although when in Melbourne I am fortunate enough to live at the Olsen – contributing to my lack of structure. I accept that the 37 and 3 kids thing is a fact of life, and I’m embracing it with gusto but any mum with kids will tell you, it’s not easy (and don’t even get me started on the grey hairs! Eeeek……)

Eat Fit Food for the past week has been incredible – just knowing that something healthy & delicious was going to arrive every day is real treat & something that I really look forward to. The meals are exactly the sorts of meals I would eat if I were in Bali, healthy, nutritious & tasty. This also means that there is no excuse for me to skip meals (a terrible habit of mine when I’m extra busy) that I have become accustomed to whilst working in Australia….and then I get to the stage where I’m so hungry I’ll eat anything in sight – usually chips and dip! I want you all to know that this is not a paid endorsement and I truly do believe in Eat Fit Food – I just wanted to share the love!

So for anyone out there who is looking for a great meal service to get themselves back on track, or to get ready for an event I highly recommend Eat Fit Food.


Lindy x



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