For me, fashion is one of the most natural forms of self-expression. The way a person dresses gives you an immediate impression of who they are as a person… their lifestyle, their attitude. The power your wardrobe choices hold is quite amazing, really – if ever I make a choice that I don’t like, I won’t feel comfortable for the rest of the day… it’s almost as though you feel you’re misrepresenting your true self!

Today we live in a world that seems to be in climatic confusion – so many places are experiencing unpredictable out-of-season weather, so trans-seasonal dressing is more relevant than ever! Every time I visit Melbourne, I know I have to be prepared for anything… within the space of a day I’ll go from happily sunning myself to cowering under an umbrella. For me, creating a collection of dependable staples revolves around the ability to layer things… something like the Soft Drape Trench is easily thrown over anything, and isn’t too bulky to carry if you have to take it off during sudden sunny interval. I love a great, crisp white shirt, so for me the V Neck Trim Blouse is a fresh update on the look – it’s such an easy piece to throw on, and the options are endless in terms of what you can pair it with. It’s important to have things that you know you can really dress up or down. I’m personally loving the trend movement towards wide-cut, relaxed-fit trousers… the shape feels so comfortable and effortless, and the Super Slouch Pants are a perfect item to create a tailored look without feeling too constricted.




I’m a big believer in investing as much as you can in core pieces to create a really great foundation for your wardrobe. This forms a strong safety net for those days where you are in complete crisis feeling you have nothing to wear… you know you can always fall back on those good quality basics that will always manage to look chic. Understated classics go a long way, and if you spend a little extra on them, they’ll last the distance, too.


During the winter months I’m always looking forward to seeking out the sun, hopefully in the form of a tropical island type getaway.  I’m fortunate that I live half my time in Bali however it’s always nice to explore a new destination.  This year I will be having a European escape where I will be visiting Croatia and Paris for the first time.  Whoop whoop to me!!!

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