One of the newest summer looks I’ve been enjoying is the effortless combination of black and white: a new modern monochrome that feels so fresh and clean. Turning the idea of black being too heavy a shade for summer on its head, the simple pairing offers endless easy solutions for a hot weather wardrobe, and its easy elegance makes it perfect for that day-to-night transitional dressing that is so often needed in summer. With blocks of black and white dominating the colour palette, this looks brings a new focus and appreciation for silhouette, highlighting the way that shapes compliment the body or create interesting visual lines. This new classic is timeless and chic, and the ultimate answer to building a cohesive, workable wardrobe that will leave you feeling perfectly put together every time.

Lindy_Witchery_StreetSmith_1-2 Lindy_Witchery_StreetSmith_1-3 Lindy_Witchery_StreetSmith_1-4 Lindy_Witchery_StreetSmith_1-5 Lindy_Witchery_StreetSmith_1-6 Lindy_Witchery_StreetSmith_1-7 Lindy_Witchery_StreetSmith_1-8


Stripe Boxy Tee     

White Coated Jean     

Coda Flatform 

Photos: Liz McLeish // Makeup: Tre Dallas